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David du groupe EOLEN

David, Design Engineer Consultant

Becoming a manager is an important evolution for my career which motivates me constantly…

I operate on a project for a worldwide leader in Engineering and Construction in the energy industry, within the "heat transmission fluid" department. I am in charge of project design and specification of fluid flow and the entire piping system involved with the project.

My mission in the department is to specify different equipment required using data provided by the process and mechanical department teams. I then assess different performances and technical constraints.

As part of this mission, I must collaborate with different internal departments. This also enables me to follow many projects at the same time, which allows me to develop my polyvalence and flexibility.

I have also had the opportunity to take up various responsibilities whilst evolving towards a supervisory role, e.g. supervising the work of a Design Engineer on a project, and I regularly operate on process parts, which makes this challenge even more motivating.


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