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Charly-Charles du groupe EOLEN

Charly-Charles, Consultant, Design and Development Engineer

My mission is very rewarding and technically very motivating.

My current mission deals with a French high-tech Company with an international scope. This company is a key player in the global market for digital television decoders, residential terminals and broadband, media-telecommunication convergence, and smart meters...

I am currently in charge of integration and adaptation for final clients of middleware building blocks developed by internal teams within the R&D department of the digital TV unit. My integration work is the intersection of many technical teams operating on specific modules (media reader, stream decryption, internet browser...) and the whole purpose of my mission is to successfully combine these elements with these various developments within an efficient solution for my final client. Our current final client is a big overseas operator and I am sometimes required to travel abroad for a few days.

I work within a team of different experts. On a daily basis, I check for updates that I include in our project. Bug reporting generates modifications; we recompile everything and the project is completed by the validation team, who collects the solution and tests it over the course of many days in order to detect potential flaws.

My mission has progressed regarding responsibilities towards more independence and expertise. I have thus been given the task of improving the DVB module (Data Video Broadcasting) for which I am responsible and for which I must enhance specifications with the operator before development, while considering specific parameters in its video streams. It is very rewarding and technically motivating work.

EOLEN also supports my client within their local teams in Brazil, which is their new leading market. As an EOLEN Consultant, I am very pleased with the Group's rapid growth. I especially appreciate the fact that collaboration with the EOLEN Group can introduce me to many business sectors, which allows me to learn more about different career options.


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