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Chemseddine du groupe EOLEN
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David du groupe EOLEN
David, Design Engineer Consultant

Becoming a manager is an important evolution for my career which motivates me constantly…

Habib du groupe EOLEN
Habib, Software Configuration Support Engineer Consultant

Working with a renowned French biotechnology company, I have a fulfilling professional life, working on unique and innovative projects...

Francis du groupe EOLEN
Francis, Supply Manager Consultant

Consultants are usually treated like numbers in service companies, and that's why I have been delighted with the individualised follow-up provided by EOLEN…

Sébastien du groupe EOLEN
Sébastien, Support Technician Engineer Consultant

When my client offered me a permanent contract, I refused - preferring to stay with EOLEN…

Vincent du groupe EOLEN
Vincent, HPC Expert Consultant

I am fascinated with innovative projects related to new technologies...

Charly-Charles du groupe EOLEN
Charly-Charles, Consultant, Design and Development Engineer

My mission is very rewarding and technically very motivating.


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