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The Group

Combining professionalism with reactivity.

Since 10 years old, EOLEN has grown fast into becoming a market leader in the engineering consultancy services sector. Our client list includes many important businesses across thriving industry sectors such as telecom, finance, industries, energy, and transportation.

Since 2015, EOLEN is a firm of GECI International Group, specialized in High Technologies Engineering.

We operate throughout the life cycle of the project, from the preliminary study phase, by realizing the stages of design and development up to the maintenance phases in project management and business analysis.

We wish to build, in collaboration with our member, the digital world for tomorrow. We think that our employees’ well-being is a priority. In order to allows them to reach their full potential, we mainly promote proximity with the managing teams, career development and training complete and inspiring, a luxurious and varied corporate life and the quality of high value-added projects.

Key Figures

Annual turnover

Chiffre d'affaires d'EOLEN de 2009 à 2015

Group size

Effectifs du groupe EOLEN entre 2009 et 2015

Sector activity

Répartition sectorielle chez EOLEN

Office Locations

A group with a global outlook Implantations du groupe EOLEN dans le monde

37 - 39 rue Boissière
75016 Paris

Rua Napoleão de barros, 1025, sala 91
CEP 04024-003 São Paulo - SP

Group Values

Strong values which build lasting success

The EOLEN Group has been created with a corporate philosophy that combines high values, commitment, integrity and a passion for what we do with a strong sense of team spirit.


We guarantee to provide our consultants with the best career opportunities and an individualised follow-up, providing a rich and fulfilling corporate life.


Our transparent approach to business, enjoyed by both clients and consultants alike, provides the ideal approach to profitable and long-lasting partnerships, reinforcing our high values and creating opportunities.


Our insatiable appetite for challenge and exceeding expectations provides an innovative environment in which to design customised solutions to given targets.

Team spirit

Great teamwork is essential in order to achieve and surpass our clients' expectations, and to continue to strengthen the existing successes of the EOLEN Group. A strong sense of team spirit can be found across the Group, in each of our activities, and between each of our collaborators. To this end, we organise regular events of a sporting, cultural and festive nature, including technical briefings and meeting related to our sponsorship activities.

These values, shared unanimously across Group EOLEN, represent the foundations of our corporate vision, and our engagement to a continuous development and improvement in the services that we provide to our clients.


Geci International

EOLEN appartient au groupe GECI International, spécialiste de l'ingénierie des Hautes Technologies.


Expertise dedicated to our three key sectors: The "product" Development Cycle, Industrial Engineering and Information System Consulting.

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